Elevate Your Team, Enhance Your Impact.

Do you want to enhance workforce engagement and retention while creating sustainable, long-term growth?

Tailored for the needs of small to medium-sized businesses and non-profits, we help you transform your HR processes and workforce development using high-impact, people-first strategies so your organization can thrive.

Transforming Your Organization, One Solution At A Time.

Innovative Workforce Development

Specializing in recruitment and retention, especially for diverse and non-traditional talent pools, we’ll help you build a workforce that is as inclusive as it is effective. Unlock the potential of every team member and drive your organization forward.

Executive Coaching and Team Building

Dive deep into the dynamics of your team. We’ll craft personalized coaching plans to transform your teams into cohesive units that drive success and foster a collaborative culture.

Comprehensive Plans with Community Development Expertise

We partner with you to create comprehensive community strategies. From workforce planning to relationship building, we help you foster community resilience and growth.

Customized HR Consulting

Empower your organization with customized HR strategies. Enhance everything from employee development to systemic efficiency – and all tailored to fit your unique organization.

Professional Development & Workshops

Discover the power of our focused workshops and courses. Meet your goals and overcome organizational challenges with high-impact, actionable strategies.

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Tailored Learning Experiences for Impactful Change

Transform your business with our workshops and courses, each built to address your organizational challenges and goals.

The Chart Consulting Advantage: Growth, Expertise, Success

Where expertise meets practical solutions

Experienced and Accredited

More than 30 years of combined experience in HR, Workforce Development, and Community Building, our expertise is backed by prestigious certifications like Kauffman FastTrac and Sister Sky Train the Trainer, ensuring we stay at the forefront of industry knowledge, best practices and cultural relevance.

Flexible and Practical Solutions

We offer workshops to suit diverse needs. Our sessions are designed for immediate implementation for quick and effective results.

Transformative and Interactive

Our focus is on evolving your organization’s strategy and culture through interactive, hands-on learning experiences that deliver practical, real-world applications.

Proven Success

Our track record of successful transformations and happy clients speaks to the effectiveness of our methods and the positive impact we have on every organization we serve.

Serving Organizations Across Oklahoma

Our services span the state of Oklahoma. From major cities to small towns, we bring expert HR consulting, workforce development, and community building to your doorstep.
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Meet Rachel

The Driving Force Behind Chart Consulting
More than 30 years of experience in community engagement, government affairs, and organizational growth, Rachel D. Hutchings brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for creating impactful change. In 2022, Rachel established Chart Consulting. Here, she applies her experience to help organizations develop effective workforce strategies, nurture positive cultures, and create sustainable growth.

Meet The Minds Behind Our Mission

Each of our collaborators brings expert skills and a lifetime of experience in their field. Here’s a glimpse into their talent:

Martha Webb-Jones

As a seasoned expert in Human Resources and Quality Assurance, Martha enriches our team with her skills in workforce planning and compliance, crucial for integrating business strategy with effective HR management.

Dillon Hargrave

Known as a dynamic facilitator and leader, Dillon’s expertise in entrepreneurial development and commitment to anti-ableism shapes his innovative approach to inclusive leadership.

Unapologetically Rez

As experts in indigenous community development and professional consulting, Unapologetically Rez (URez) enhances our team with their comprehensive knowledge in business analytics, strategic planning, and grant services.

People-Centric, Strategic and Positive

The key to any organization’s success lies in creating an environment where people thrive. In every project we undertake, we work to create a people-first culture by following our core values:


Valuing each individual, fostering relationships, and embracing diverse perspectives.


Building strong, transparent, and reliable connections across all organizational levels.


Upholding integrity in every action, ensuring straightforward and ethical practices.

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