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About Me

30 years in the corporate leadership with career path in project and program management, community engagement, and government affairs

Extensive knowledge of and experience in community building through non-profit organizational growth and advocacy

Ability to reach across all sectors and types of organization to create and strengthen cross-functional teams to solve common problems

01Business Process Analysis and Optimization

Business discovery process, stakeholder interviews (staff, board, clients), report preparation, and follow up (2 months)

02Supportive Services Planning and Build Out

Procurement, policy review and recommendations, staffing plan (6 months)

03Revenue and Resource Development

Fundraising plan, stakeholder development, and two grant applications (client will receive boiler plate) (6-12 months)

04New Program Design and Implementation

Policy and procedure development, staff development and initial implementation with turnover (up to 24 months)

All services are customizable based on your unique business needs and include a period of follow-up support after implementation.

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    Why Don’t We
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